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Smoked Onion and Farmer's Cheese Knishes (Frozen)Knishes filled with a creamy mixture of potatoes, farmer’s cheese, and our house-smoked onions. The …$5.00
S'mores Knish (frozen)Your favorite campfire treat available in knish form! With a dough adorned with graham cracker …$5.00
Street Corn Knishes (Frozen)Celebrate Cinco de Mayo all year ’round! Our Mexican Street Corn Knishes are loaded with …$5.00
Apple Honey Streusel Knishes (Frozen)Each knish is filled with a delicious blend of apples, honey, and spice, and then …$5.00
Pastrami Knishes (Frozen)Knishes filled with a mixture of potatoes and our house-smoked pastrami, topped with our signature …$5.00
Corned Beef Knishes (Frozen)Knishes filled with potato, onion, and house-made corned beef. Have a deli favorite that you …$5.00
Spinach & Feta Knishes (Frozen)Knishes stuffed generously with our Spinach & Feta filling, and topped with a Mediterranean Za’atar …$4.00
Samosa Knishes (Frozen)Knishes filled with potato, onion, peas, garlic, cilantro, and Garam Masala spices. Inspired by the …$4.00
Traditional Knishes (Frozen)Traditional Potato and Onion Knishes. Each knish is packed full of delicious buttery potato and …$4.00
Everything Bagel RollsBring home a deli favorite! Our bagel rolls are carefully handcrafted, boiled and baked to …$1.00
Sunrise Salmon (Gravlax)4oz of our beet-cured salmon. Perfect for breakfast or any occasion, our special cure gives …$12.00